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Maria Galland - Unique, Demanding, Precious. Fashioned like a "mosaic of extremely diverse needs". This is the nature of our skin.


Decleor is over 35 years of expertise in Aromatherapy and treatments, available in thousands of spas worldwide. Choosing Decleor, is to choose the expertise in Aromatherapy for a pure and nature beauty.

DIBI revolutionizes the concept of hydration and reformulates its range in the hydrating sector, totally innovative for technology, treatment methods, formulations and textures.


Isabelle Lancray, Paris & Dr. Rimpler,
Germany. A special highlight as well as a specialty of the Isabelle Lancray & Dr. Rimpler line is the variety of the different sophisticated professional treatments. These are for professional use only by optimizing the result of any beauty parlor treatment.

Medique Skincare products are physician developed and professionally formulated to address individual skin types and skin concerns, all carefully chosen for nourishing, cleansing and restorative abilities form Solid Science.


Founded in Italy, SENSOL developed a skin and body care product line based on the result of the latest medical research known as the “NO” concept(a revolutionary invention of the 1998 Nobel Prize Winner ,Dr Louis J. Ignarro) which helps the brightening and regeneration of skin.

MATRICOL- made in GERMANY, a microporous biomatrix made of highly purified collagen with excellent hydration properties and an impressive anti-irritation effect. Suitable for all skin types,especially for dry, sensitive and atrophic skin.


OPI - A family-owned company committed to the highest quality products and to our customers’ well-being.